The Process

Over the years we have distilled the critical steps that make a successful project.

  1. The interview. The first – and the most important step: meeting with are the client and listen to their dream. Many times homeowners end up with their contractor’s vision, not theirs. That is why we take the time to understand what our client wants and then work to fulfill it. During this first meeting, we discuss other important points. Those may include budget, starting date, and the client’s plans during the construction.
  2. The Survey, Revisions, and the Estimate. Following the interview, we send one of our professionals to the planned work site to survey the area. They will need to know the landscape, soil composition, and local regulations. Other important considerations include the location of power, water, gas, and sewer lines. Once we account for such factors, we have a second meeting to discuss any necessary revisions to the plan. At that point, we give you an estimate for the job.
  3. Design and Blueprints. We will work with you to come up with a working design that is as close to your vision as possible. We will take into consideration any regulations, stability, cost, and other factors.
    We prefer new building methods as new technology in the field makes for better homes. We factor in the requirements and constraints, and as we are ready to draft the blueprint.
  4. Legal Maze and Gathering Supplies. We submit the plans to the relevant authorities and wait for approval. In parallel, we start gathering supplies and building materials for the project.
  5. Breaking Ground and Laying a Foundation. It is time to start the physical construction of your dream. It begins with laying a foundation. We clear the land for the project and start bringing in the supplies. In some cases we pour concrete as a basis for the construction.
  6. Brick by Brick. Once the foundation is in place, we begin building the walls. It is common for little adjustments to occur to the design at this stage, and your input plays an important role. We communicate with our client via text updates photos. We also welcome visits to the work site. Personal communication proves to be the most efficient. We realize that construction is a collaboration between the builder and the homeowner.
  7. The Interior. When the foundation, walls, and roofing are complete, it is time to finish the inside. This work includes everything from putting up drywall to details work. The big and small things that make the difference between an average property and a gorgeous home.
  8. The keys. Our job is complete when we hand our client the keys to their new or remodeled home. It is time to look around, marvel at the craftsmanship, and appreciate the heart and soul our team poured into your home.

Congratulations! Your vision is now a reality.


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